Crossover Over Pipe on Rooftop 2 600 x 600
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NextGen Crossover Stairways™

For more information about NextGen Crossover Stairways™ please visit our parent company Safety Rail Source.

The Ladder Safety Company’s OSHA compliant crossover stairs & modular platforms leverage a unique design that incorporates a common bolt hole pattern to support virtually any structural configuration.

The best part of our lightweight aluminum component construction is there is no welding or custom fabrication required.

Crossover stairways are an economical way to bridge obstructions on roofs. The product also meets needs inside and outside of manufacturing and processing plants.

On the rooftop there are a host of application for this product including: transitions from one roof level to another, traversing roof mounted piping and conduit and accessing elevated platforms.

It also helps eliminate risky transitions around and over processing equipment, piping, ductwork and dangerous equipment. When used on a roof our systems are designed to be installed without penetrations and damage to the roofing membrane.

Crossovers and stairs can be permanently mounted or secured to rolling casters when portable applications are necessary.

Our crossover stairways and platforms are manufactured from aluminum and powder coated steel.

If the need arises, the modular design of these crossovers, stairways and platforms allows the owner to re-purpose them. Unlike most custom built structures that are often scrapped when no longer needed.

Provide us with your project’s dimensions and we will ship the stairways and platforms needed to help you improve the safety of your ongoing operations.


  • Meets OSHA safety railing and stair requirements
  • Non-Penetrating design and installation eliminates roof leaks
  • Durable Aluminum Construction
  • Modular Design eliminates the need for costly custom fabrication and welding

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Metal Work Platform

  • Prefabricated 36″ by 36″
  • Stamped positive-traction walk surface
  • Units have common bolt hole patterns for stairs, other platforms, ladder and handrails
  • Platforms require support every 9′
  • Aluminum construction

Metal Handrail

  • Universal nut-plate insert
  • Prefabricated to fit the 36″ side of an platform
  • Pipe construction
  • Aluminum construction (powder coated)

Metal Stairs

  • 1 and 2-step stairs are “stand alone” units
  • 3 thru 6-step units are designed to be connected together totaling up to 20 steps
  • 26″ wide stamped positive-traction surface
  • Prefabricated to fit any side of an ErectaStep platform
  • Handrails on both sides to be powder coated pipe construction
  • Aluminum construction

Metal Tower Support

  • Single ErectaStep platform to a single tower support
  • Two platforms with one tower support between the seam
  • Tower support to go on multiple sides of an ErectaStep platform system
  • Aluminum construction

Metal Ladder

  • Ladder requires 90000 series ErectaStep tower
  • 24″ wie “D” shaped rung
  • Prefabricated to fit any side of an ErectaStep platform
  • Aluminum construction