Commercial Ladder Safety-Dock Parapet 4 in action 600 x 600
Ladder Dock alone

Ladder Safety-Docks

For more information about our different models of Ladder Safety-Docks, please visit our parent company Safety Rail Source.

OSHA requires that ladders are tied off at the top to prevent them from falling left or right or away from an elevated structure. Ladder Dock offers a permanent solution to this requirement when secured to the roof edge. As a permanent fixture, Ladder Dock establishes a safe single point of access to the rooftop.

This helps eliminate unsightly damage to the roof edge caused by technicians accessing the roof of the structure at random locations.

Ladder Dock can also be used as a temporary tie-off location to support maintenance, construction, framing, HVAC and roofing efforts.

Ladder Dock’s flexible design allows the product to be used on flat roofs and low slope roofs as well as parapet roofs.

Have a unique requirement? Please contact us. We routinely design custom units for our customers.


  • Provides an OSHA required tie off position at the top of the ladder
  • Made of lightweight non-corrosive materials
  • Easy to install
  • Accommodates most of the ladders commercially available today
  • Design protects ladder slipping left of right on the initial climb

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Dimensions : 30 ” x  30″
Weight : 11 lbs
Material : 1/8 th inch Aluminum with Stainless Steel Hardware
Ladder Dock’s flexible design