Ladder Safety Arms on roof no BOL 600 x 600

Ladder Safety-Arms

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Ladder Standoff incorporates a large ‘V’ in its design to span conduit and piping. The standoff also allows your ladder to rest on the corner of building or on a chimney.

With the Ladder Standoff installed, the top of the ladder is kept (1) foot off of the wall making it easier to work under the eaves of a building. In addition, the Ladder Standoff provides added stability at the top of the ladder essential when you are unable to tie off the top of the ladder.

When combined with our Ladder Standoff, the stability of your ladder at both the top and bottom is significantly increased, creating a winning combination with regards to your ladder safety program.


  • Quickly and securely attaches to virtually any ladder
  • Rubber covering protects the interface of the Ladder Offset and the face of the building
  • “V” allows Ladder Standoff to span conduit and piping
  • Can be used to support project efforts on the corner of a structure
  • Standoff provides added stability at the top of the ladder

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Length: Extends beyond the end of ladder 36″
Maximum Ladder Beam Dimension: 4″ x 1.75″
Weight: 12 lbs
Material: Aluminum