The Ladder Safety Company is proud to introduce our newest non-penetrating railing system. The NEXTGEN 3000 Railing System is our response to listening to customers and acting on their needs.

You told us you needed a non-penetrating system that is complaint and durable at a significantly reduced price.

Historically non-penetrating roof edge protection systems have relied on their sheer weight and to a lesser degree on leverage to meet OSHA’s requirements for fall protection railings. Recognizing the impact of this approach on producing , shipping and installing a roof edge protection system, our engineering team looked to reduce the weight of the overall system while meeting OSHA requirements and outperforming the competition’s railings in repeated testing.

Challenging the physics of existing designs our engineers began by developing a rectangular base that is much lighter and therefore less costly.

NEXTGEN 3000 is modular in its design and can be used as permanent fall protection or moved from project to project.

For a limited time … we are willing to guarantee the lowest price in the market for an equivalent railing system..