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Window-Dec was designed specifically to support the installation of windows from the exterior of a building.

This system boasts an 8 ft platform suitable for 2 installers. A hoist capable of lifting 165 lb windows from ground level to the platform and a trap door in the platform are key to the functionality of the system.

The system can be used without the hoist to serve general needs.

This safe access work platform is an outstanding alternative to traditional scaffolding given its portability, speed of assembly, custom functionality and designed-in safety features.

The system comes standard with 16 ft legs that can be adjusted to support a platform height from 9’9″ to 15’7″.

With optional legs the system can reach a height of 22 ft.

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Load Rating= 750 lbs uniformly distributed
System Weight= 263 lbs
Platform Size= 8′ x 2′9″
Platform Height= Adjustable from 10’9″ to 18’2″ (with standard 18 foot legs)
Material= 6082T6 Aluminum
No. of People: 2
Standard Leg: 16 ft
Deck Material: WBP Plywood (w / 10 Year Life rating)
Number of Components: 11
Hoist: 165 lbs.
Hinged Opening: 8 ft x 8 in.
Safety Compliance: OSHA,OH&S,CSA & ANSI
Window Dec was designed specifically
Optional Leg Configurations:
22 ft Legs= 13’2″ ft to 22′4″ platform height
18 ft Legs= 10′9″ ft to 18′2″ platform height
14 ft Legs= 9’0″ ft to 13’7″ platform height
Bungalow Legs= 7’7″ ft to 9’6″ platform height