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Featured Product – Easi -Dec

By April 18, 2017home-blog
Easi-Dec with Underpass 1

Among the Top 10 Most Frequently Violated OSHA Standards in 2013 were

Fall Protection … Ranked # 1
Scaffolding … Ranked # 2
Ladders … Ranked # 6

Combined these Categories Accounted for :

16,795 Citations
12,979 Inspections
$33.9 M in Fines

59.6 % of the Citations were Afforded Organizations with 1 to 19 Workers

The Ladder Safety Company and it’s affiliates are poised to help reduce the risk associated with working above ground level and help your organization meet or exceed OSHA requirements.

We offer a unique selection of practical products designed to reduce the risk of injury and fatality when using ladders or traditional scaffolding.

When roof top fall protection or safety railings are required, be sure to contact our affiliate the

Safety Rail Source.

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